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About Quartz Stone

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Quartz stone has a lot of Characteristics:

1. Non-porous surface: ensure its high scratch resistance

    and resistance to stains, heat, corrosion, bacteria 

2. Super hardness: Moh's hardness can reach 7 

3. Low water absorption 

4. Safety, no radiation, durability

5. Free maintenance


Slab: 3000×1400mm, 3000×1600mm;  thickness: 12mm, 20mm, 30mm
Regular Tile: 300*300mm; 300*600mm; 600*600mm; thickness: 12mm

- Finish: Polished and honed
- Application: Countertops, kitchen tops, work tops, table tops, vanity tops, flooring tiles, wall tiles, etc.

Packing: Wooden bundles for big slab and crates for tiles and countertops